Why is Traceability Important?

Mapping The Journey of Your Beef

  • 01: Origin

    Traceability identifies the origin of food products. It looks beyond the label to uncover the story of your beef, and where it travelled from en route to the grocery store. DNA TraceBack provides a greater level of precision and accuracy than other traceability methods. Using pioneering technology, grocers can now link the DNA in meat products back to the original animal, and unequivocally guarantee farm to fork traceability.

  • 02: Product Claims

    There is now a wide range of product claims on packs of meat in stores. Knowing the story of your beef guarantees the meat you buy is exactly as described by your grocer. DNA TraceBack helps monitor each stage in the production chain, providing reassurance on the authenticity of your beef, and ensuring product claims on the label match the beef inside the pack.

  • 03: Sustainability

    Industry experts are currently defining sustainable beef production. It involves stewardship of the land, conserving natural resources, the welfare of plants and animals and a wide range of social and environmental factors. Traceability helps to validate the authenticity of sustainably sourced products by guaranteeing their origin. Through monitoring the supply chain, DNA TraceBack can support the sustainability claims of grocers, processors and producers to confirm the beef sold in grocery stores originates from sustainable sources. For more information on sustainable beef please see GRSB www.grsbeef.org

  • 04: Better Tasting Beef

    The quality of your beef is characterised by tenderness, juiciness and flavor. A wide range of production aspects impact beef quality, such as; harvesting, processing, cattle breed, feed, the age of animals and other stages during fabrication. DNA TraceBack provides grocers and processors with the precise tools to better monitor key production variables improving the quality of products.

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