DNA TraceBack Process

DNA TraceBack tracks the DNA in meat products – not packaging, barcodes or labels. DNA is a unique identifier and links the meat you buy in store with the exact animal it came from. Using nature’s barcode, DNA TraceBack identifies animals and meat throughout the supply chain, ensuring the beef you buy in store is exactly as described on the label.

  • Cattle are reared on approved farms and raised to exacting standards. Cattle are identified by a numbering system which links to the animals production history.

  • Cattle are DNA sampled at harvest, linking genetic information with the animal’s production history. Once the beef has been processed, samples are routinely taken from finished products, their DNA code read and matched with DNA from the original animal. This level of precise monitoring verifies the exact origin of your beef and confirms individual meat products are sourced from approved cattle.

  • DNA TraceBack enables supermarkets to tell the story of their meat products with greater precision and accuracy. It connects the beef in store with producers and helps ensure you get the quality eating experience you pay for.