Questions & Answers

Q. What is DNA TraceBack?

DNA TraceBack traces DNA in food to verify the exact origin of grocery products. It is the most advanced meat traceability system available, and can be used to certify the source of grocery products with precision and accuracy.

Q. How does the DNA TraceBack process work?

DNA TraceBack tracks the DNA in meat products – not packaging, barcodes or labels. DNA is a unique identifier and links the meat you buy in store with the exact animal it came from.

Q. What products use the DNA TraceBack process?

DNA TraceBack can be used to accurately trace meat, fish and poultry products.

Q. Why should I buy traceable meat?

Traceability tells the story of your beef. It helps guarantee that what you buy in store is exactly as described on the label. Traceability maps the journey of your beef; from the store, throughout processing, right back to the original livestock. It provides accurate information on where your beef comes from, who produced it, and allows you to make an informed decision about the products you buy in store.

Q. Why Should I Look For the DNA TraceBack brand on packs of meat?

The DNA TraceBack brand on pack helps ensure you get the quality eating experience you pay for. It provides more information about grocery meat products and connects the beef you buy in store with the people who produced it.

Q. Why Can't I Trace The Product Myself With A Barcode or Product Number?

DNA analysis is a sophisticated process which must be carried out in a laboratory. We trace the meat so you don’t have to, and the specialist staff in our state-of-the-art facilities ensure all DNA samples are tested with precision and accuracy.

Q. Does DNA Traceback help make products safer?

Food safety measures are actively maintained by grocers, processors and producers. While DNA TraceBack does not directly improve food safety, the increased level of transparency in the supply chain enables more efficient product monitoring and promotes an enhanced culture of compliance.

Q. Is anything put into or on the meat?

No. DNA TraceBack simply reads the DNA code of the animal. Nothing is ever put into or on the meat.