Guaranteed Traceability… it’s in our DNA!

DNA TraceBack traces DNA in food to verify the exact origin of grocery products. It is the most advanced meat traceability system available, and can be used to certify the source of grocery products with precision and accuracy.

The DNA TraceBack process provides more than traceability, as the increased level of supply chain transparency enables retailers to improve the quality, and help validate the sustainability claims of grocery meat products.

DNA is tamperproof and permanent, making it a foolproof way of tracing food from farm to fork. Unlike other traceability methods, DNA TraceBack uses nature’s barcode to provide accurate information on the food supply chain – linking the DNA in grocery meat products, to the processing plant, and right back to the exact animal of origin.

DNA technology allows grocery retailers and food processors to improve the quality of their products. By capturing and analysing DNA data throughout the supply chain, this information can then be used to improve a wide range of aspects impacting food production, providing grocers with more control over how their food is produced, and delivering pioneering tools for continuous quality improvement.

  • DNA TraceBack is provided by IdentiGEN, the world leader in DNA traceability solutions for the food industry.